Product Care

It’s easy!

PVC can be cleaned with a few drops of mild detergent, a soft toothbrush and water. Once dry, sprinkle a few drops of methylated spirits on a soft cloth and wipe over the surface. 

When you are not sporting your PVC jewellery - store it nicely in a dark place. Don't leave it displayed in direct sunlight.

Sterling silver elements can be cleaned with Hagerty’s silver foam (not dip). Follow the directions on the label. Clean the sterling silver elements of your jewellery before cleaning the PVC.

Stainless steel earring posts can be cleaned with mild detergent. Tea tree oil or alcohol wipes can be used as a mild antiseptic cleaner.

Should your piece become squashed and misshapen - don’t panic! Place your jewellery in a container with hot water. This softens the PVC and relaxes it’s shape. Arrange it’s form on a flat surface and let it cool. 

And should you have any problems - please contact me directly. I am always happy to help.